Asynchronous online courses are self-paced courses that attendees can register for and complete at any time during a six-week period. All asynchronous materials given by the instructor will be posted and uploaded on Moodle, STC’s free, open, learning platform. These online courses will take place within a six-week period and will not meet for any live sessions.

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Science for All: Introduction to Science Writing

We are in a time when information about any and all subjects is at our fingertips, yet scientific literacy and the attention span of the general public is continuing to decrease. Professionals and the general public alike are paying attention to content that is informative, concise, engaging, and even entertaining. In this class, we will cover the art and science of science writing — the art of leveraging literary techniques and storytelling structures and applying them to dense, often complicated subject matter, and the science of identifying, evaluating and critiquing resources and sources of scientific discovery.