On your mark… Get set…. Recruit!

Grow STC, your community membership, and get rewarded for your efforts! 

Campaign Details:

Expand your network, strengthen STC and your community, and win prizes by speaking with other professionals about membership in STC!

The 2017 community membership race will start on 22 May 2017 and end on 1 September 2017. This campaign is designed to help communities recruit new members to join STC, and their chapter or SIG.

Chapters and SIGs receive points when a member from their community recruits a person to join or renew their STC membership online.

When recruiting a member, please instruct them to include the name of the referring chapter or SIG  in the Referred by/Membership Promo Code box on the page of the online membership form, in the shopping cart. The community must be listed on the membership application to receive credit.


Helpful Tips and Recruitment Info:

  1. Read the Recruitment Tips.
  2. Read the Talking Points.
  3. Read the Tool Kit.
  4. Browse the STC Membership benefits page.
  5. Find the online member application here.
  6. Start recruiting!


The community with the most points wins!

Scoring and Prizes:

One point is awarded for each member in any of these four categories: Classic, New TC Professional, Student, or Gold Value Package

Corporate Value Package (CVP) members are worth one point for each team member. For example, if five new members join or renew from one company as a CVP, your community receives five points. Members wanting to join as a CVP as part of the community race will need to notify STC membership since online membership is not available.

Click here to see who is in the lead!

The winning community will receive:

  • One upgrade from 2017 Classic to Gold Value Package membership
  • 50% off one 2017 online course
  • A copy of STC’s CPTC textbook, Technical Communication Today (Fifth Edition) by Richard Johnson-Sheehan
  • One free 2017 print subscription to Intercom magazine
  • One free 2017 print subscription to Technical Communication journal
  • Two $50 Amazon gift cards
  • One “Community Spotlight” post on STC’s Notebook blog

Let’s see who crosses the finish line first! Happy Recruiting!

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