Recruit a member and be entered to win!

Most new members say they joined STC simply because someone shared why it’s important. As an active member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. The “Join Us” Member-Get-a-Member Campaign is the ideal opportunity to share your professional successes by encouraging your nonmember colleagues to join. We know that you understand the value of your STC membership and now is the perfect time to reach out to your professional contacts and recruit them to join.

What’s In It for You?

You are the greatest testimony to the benefits of being a STC member. By recruiting others, you will:

  • Expand your network of TC professionals
  • Strengthen STC—A vital and growing membership means greater recognition of the TC profession, improved educational and networking opportunities, and the advancement of technical communication worldwide
  • Help others succeed in their careers
  • Receive recognition for your recruitment efforts
  • Be entered into a drawing for prizes

The Prizes

For every Classic, New TC Professional, *Gold, or *Student member you recruit, you will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

Recruit 1-2 members:

  •  $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • STC Swag (member pin, coffee mug, t-shirt)
  • Additional Chapter or SIG of your choice

Recruit 3-4 members:

  • Print subscription to 2017 Intercom magazine or Technical Communication journal
  •  live webinar registration to a 2017 event of your choice
  • Technical Communication Today CPTC certification textbook

Recruit 5 or more members:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers
  • 2017 upgraded Gold membership
  • Any or all additional SIG’s of your choice

*Each Gold member recruited will be considered two entries. Each Student member you recruit will be considered as half an entry. Corporate Value Program members will not be considered for MGAM entry.

How It Works

Meet One. Tell a friend, colleague, or employer why you’re a member and why the Society is an indispensable part of your professional development.

Bring One. Have your referral member join STC by 1 February 2017 and enter your name in the “Referred By” box on the final page of the online member application. MGAM referral members must enter your name for you to get the referral credit.

Get Rewarded. Each time someone lists you as the member who referred them, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Don’t miss the chance to win and share the value of STC!

We want to help you recruit! Browse through these tools below for chapters, SIGs, and individuals recruitment.