Intercom, STC’s monthly magazine, publishes articles about the issues and topics that are driving the conversation in the world of technical communication. It provides practical examples and applications of technical communication that will promote readers’ professional development.

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Technical Communication, the Society’s quarterly journal, publishes articles about the practical application of technical communication theory and serves as a common arena for discussion by practitioners. Technical Communication includes both quantitative and qualitative research while showcasing the work of some of the field’s most noteworthy academics and writers.

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STC’s Notebook is the official blog for STC members and is also open to the public. STC’s Notebook provides formal and informal announcements, further information on important subjects, spotlights on communities and members, and links of interest.


TechComm Today is a bimonthly e-newsletter emailed to STC members. It includes industry-related news plus Society Information. It’s published and distributed by MultiBriefs in cooperation with STC.

[u_testimonial][u_testimonial_item name=”Todd Deluca” title=”STC MEMBER SINCE 1999″ avatar=”178″]“STC membership has been a very important part of my professional development and directly influenced my career advancement. It’s an automatic and easy investment for me. I encourage folks to take advantage of the many STC resources, educational offerings, and opportunities to meet and know other professionals out there…Why not join today?”[/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”Barbara DeStefano” title=”STC MEMBER SINCE 2006″ avatar=”173″]“Becoming a member of STC is great way to stay connected in the technical communication field! I have been a member since 2006 and during that time I have met many wonderful people who have become a great support network for me. I have also attended several webinars and courses to improve my technical communication skills. As a bonus, all members receive a monthly publication with articles that keep you informed about the current trends.”[/u_testimonial_item][u_testimonial_item name=”Bernard A. ” title=”STC MEMBER SINCE 2006″ avatar=”175″]For 10+ years Publishing Smarter has helped businesses generate revenue through better communications. Businesses in aerospace, banking, and construction (literally the ABCs), as well as government, hardware, insurance, medical, software, and many others. Our business growth and success is because of STC.[/u_testimonial_item][/u_testimonial]